Massage Therapy Pricing

Mindful Meditation Massage

Throughout the massage, you will be listening to a Yoga Nidra meditation, where you may enter a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  This allows you to get to that place where your judgmental brain shuts off.  These meditations incorporate original music from a local musician, and when paired with a supportive relaxation massage the results can be tremendously soothing.

$65 (60 minutes)

Grief Massage

Grief causes tremendous stress to the whole person, who can be affected mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Grief can be felt for various reasons, including the death of a loved one, divorce and marital separation, an illness, loss of a job, or caring for a special needs child.

As a massage therapist, to keep within my scope of practice I will focus on the body.  I will provide a relaxing environment and a safe and gentle massage for you. It is outside of my scope of practice to offer any type of counselling support or psychological advice.  I can refer you to appropriate licensed professionals if and when you need other types of support, for example a licensed counsellor for processing emotions about grief.

$65 (60 minutes), $90 (90 minutes)

Relaxation Massage

If you are seeking a more traditional massage, I am pleased to offer you a relaxation massage and will modify my pressure according to your liking.  Some deep tissue work will be offered as desired, but please be aware that my modalities are mostly relaxation focused.

$65 (60 minutes), $90 (90 minutes)

*Customers who refer a friend will receive 10% off their next massage, for a limited time only.

Cancellation Policy

From Here Massage Therapy requires 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment.  This allows other clients to book an appointment and benefit from this service. 

No Shows

Should a client forget or not show up for their appointment, they will be charged in full for their treatment booked. I will require an etransfer or credit card.  Future services will be denied until payment has been made.