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About Us

Sarah Caden began her training as a Registered Massage Therapist in 2016, a year following the sudden death of her husband. She is the mother of two children and a former Registered Nurse. As a massage therapy student she quickly learned how therapeutic human touch can be during the grief process. After graduating from a 3000 hour program she continued her education with Aimee Taylor who created the Grief Massage modality and obtained certification through The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. 

What is Grief Massage

Grief massage is a gentle massage for people in the early weeks and months of grieving.  It offers a safe nurturing space where you may reconnect with your body and feel the physical comfort that a gentle massage can bring. This honours your grief and takes away the stress of having to “feel better” or feel “fixed.”

Culture often pressures us to grieve “correctly”, that it should follow a time sequence, and encourages us to think positively.  I expect clients to show up as they are, which could mean they are worn out, moody or detached. They will enter my spa which will be their refuge, their sanctuary.  I will be an empathetic presence, and will provide a slow, relaxing and gentle massage using Swedish Massage techniques while they are comfortable on my massage table.  Areas massaged will be the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, lower legs, arms, face, hands and feet. 

“Sarah Caden has successfully completed 10 hours of live webinar training in The Joy of Grief Massage℠ with Aimee Joy Taylor of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.”


Sarah Caden

Registered Massage Therapist