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What We Do

Mindful Meditation Massage is a newer technique, allowing one to escape the racing thoughts that can occupy our minds.  Clients follow a guided meditation that allows them to focus inwardly while being physically supported through a full body massage.  This technique greatly reduces stress and anxiety and can leave one feeling calm, focused and centered.

We Also Do

Grief Massage

From Here Massage Therapy offers you one of the most immediate types of support available, physical relief and comfort.  We understand that grieving is hard work, and the symptoms of grief are similar to symptoms of stress, such as back and neck pain, tight muscles, stomach pains, sleep disturbances, and fatigue.

We have the unique opportunity to provide space and comfort for the grieving body, to allow one to seek physical treatment in the name of grief to calm their nervous system and decrease the effects of stress on the body. We offer body-centered grief care in a nurturing and accepting environment.  With physical comfort comes physical strength, which may help to support one through the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of grieving.

Special Promotions

We are currently offering promotional pricing for 60 and 90 minute massages. 

Offering Mindful Meditation Massage, Grief and relaxation massages.

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Take a look at photos of our spa in our gallery section. It’s the next best thing to visiting us in person! We provide a warm, calm and relaxing atmosphere for all our massage services.

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